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June 25, 2009
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Robin Hood- Ticklish Hero
Warning! This story contains scenes of foot paw tickling, foot sniffing, bondage, tickle torture and foot licking. The Characters in this story are copyrighted to their respective owners. This is a fan fiction based on Disney’s Robin Hood. It contains M/M tickling between a fox and a wolf. Please do not distribute or post it up on any other site without my permission. (c) Copyright farcry692003

As Robin Hood tried to free the friar, the door swung open. The sheriff had walked in and caught him red handed. He tried to quickly undo the shackles that bound the friar’s wrists, but it would not budge. Robin had to make a tough decision, but he had no choice. He had to escape and come back to free the friar. There was no way he could battle the sheriff on his own. He was too big for a fox his size. He needed to come back with help to free everyone.

Robin tried to dodge the large wolf. He knew that his size prevented him from moving very quickly. He threw objects at him and tried to dodge for the dungeon door so that he may escape. Although the sheriff was a lot bigger in size that Robin, he gave him a good chase. Robin was almost at the door until he suddenly fell to the ground. The sheriff had taken a dive and jumped on top of the fox to prevent him from escaping. He quickly bound the fox’s hands behind his back.
Robin was completely immobile. His arms were bound tightly behind his back. He laid face flat on the cold cobbled stone floor, of the dungeon where he had attempted to rescue the friar. The sheriff had leapt onto robin during the exhausting chase. He managed to drop robin to the ground by leaping onto his back, thereby pinning him to the ground.  The sheriff sat on top of robin, with his hind planted firmly on his back, with each his legs on either side of the fox. He sat in a position facing Robin’s feet.

The fox began to come out of the daze he was in, from hitting the ground so hard. All he can remember was the sheriff leaping at him in an attempt to stop him from escaping. The sheriff sat proud on top of him, excited that he had actually captured him. He felt unsettled as he felt the sheriff reach over and grab his left foot. The sheriff was enormous in size when compared to Robin. His large hands were strong enough to grab Robin’s foot by the ankle and keep it restrained with just his firm grip. Robin then felt the sheriff begin to remove his left shoe. He knew that he needed to escape before he found himself in a sticky situation. He was not strong enough to fight back from the sheriff. Without his bow, he was useless. He tried wiggling his body in an attempt to roll out from under the large wolf, but the sheriff was too heavy for him. Besides being bound, and face flat on the floor, he had the fat wolf sitting atop of him with his left foot clenched in his large fists.

The sheriff pulled Robin’s foot closer to examine. Robin had on his usual green footwear. It was more or less like a thick leathery material wrapped around his foot like a shoe. Each move robin made while flexing his foot could be seen since the shoe because it clung tightly to the fox’s foot. The sheriff fidgeted with the string tied around the fox’s ankle. He undid the knots and finally slipped it of Robin’s foot.

The shoe wrinkled up and lost its shape once it was removed. It was moist and warm inside since Robin’s feet were sweaty from the day’s events. He felt odd as the cold air of the dungeon swept across his sole. The sheriff gripped his ankle tighter and pulled his foot forward to examine it even closer now that it was bare. Besides being warm and sweaty, they had a slight odour since they were in his boots all the time. Robin’s feet were a bit smaller than the sheriffs since they were two different sizes. He had a soft smooth sole which showed no signs of walking barefoot, even though he lived a life of poverty. His toes were soft and plump, and seemed to grab the sheriff’s attention. He wanted to explore the foot of his rival, the fox who was a thorn in his side for a long time.

He moved his face closer to Robin’s sole, until his nose pressed against it. Robin jerked as the sheriff’s nose brushed against the smooth skin of his sole. They were quite sensitive since they were moist with sweat. The sheriff sniffed deeply at his sole, absorbing the scent it gave off, through his sensitive nostrils. Robins foot cringed causing the smooth skin on his sole to crease along the instep. The sheriff slowly dragged his nose from the base of his sole all the way up to his toes whilst taking in a good whiff at them. The wolf loved the salty, sweaty smell that Robin’s foot gave off. He inhaled religiously exploring every crevice of the fox’s foot. His nose tickled Robin’s foot causing him to let out little giggles every now and then.
Robin tried his best to think of a way to escape, but his chain of thought was broken as the sheriff’s nose tickled his foot. The friar, who was chained to a wall nearby, had his head down, facing the floor. He had begun to lose hope. He and robin faced the same fate. He lay with his arms shackled to the walls behind him, and his feet locked into a raised pair of stocks, which made his feet accessible to anyone who kneeled in front of them. His sandals were removed, and his exposed bare feet were ready for interrogation until robin appeared to save him. Unfortunately, his torture looked like it would continue later on judging from the current situation. The friar eyed a small bucket placed besides his foot. It contained a thick solution of salt water. The sheriff had placed a large paintbrush in the bucket, which he had already used to paint the salty liquid onto the soles of the friars bare feet. There were chains attached to the stocks. These were used by the sheriff used to attach a pair of goats to the stocks. They would then be used to torture him licking at his defenceless soles. The sheriff usually arrested citizens who could not pay their tax. Their punishment was to have the soles of their feet licked by the goats for hours upon end. The prisoners ranged from small and petite to large and buff citizens. Their size did not matter as their fate remained the same. The goats tongues, mixed with the salty liquid usually softened the prisoners soles, and made them really sensitive. They were driven insane when the rough tongues lapped at their toes. If the salt solution happened to be licked off, it was applied over and over again until even the mightiest prisoner begged for their dear life. The victims shrieked in laughter, and some were rumoured to have completely lost their mind. There were some victims which the sheriff enjoyed tormenting. They were kept as prisoners for the sheriff’s amusement, and had their feet tickled and tormented at the sheriff’s leisure.

Robin lay giggling as the sheriff continued to sniff at his foot. He began sniffing at Robin’s toes. They were soft and plump. He pressed his nose firmly against all of them, and sniffed deeper. It felt good as the sweaty digits rubbed against his nose. Robin began to jerk and wriggle around because his toes were his weak point. He tried to wiggle them away, but the sheriff’s grip was too strong, and the scent eventually led his nose back to them. The sheriff was very alert. He could feel Robin jerk his body strongly when he sniffed at certain parts of his foot. This usually let him know where his victim’s sensitive spots were. With one last breath, he lifted his face from the delicate sole before him. He then leaned back and faced Robin who glanced back at him. The wolf then reached out, moving his hand closer to Robins face. He closed his eyes not knowing what was about to happen. He eventually opened his eyes a second later and realised what the sheriff had reached for. In his hand, he had the red feather from Robin’s green cap. He looked towards the fox and gave him an evil smirk.

Robin’s eyes widened at the sight of it and began to wriggle vigorously beneath the obese wolf. “No, no please. Not that!” Robin pleaded. The sheriff knew that Robin was at his mercy. He turned back around, and continued to do what he had dreamed of for a long time. Capturing his enemy and tormenting them to the point of insanity. All Robin could do was lie flat on the ground as the sheriff proceeded. He couldn’t even observe what was being done to him. It was just the sheriff and his bare soles.
The sheriff held his left foot in one hand, and raised the feather in the other. He watched the fox’s foot wiggle even before he had struck. This was a scene he would savour every moment of. With one slow action, he dragged the feather from the sole of Robin’s foot, slowly up the arch, where it brushed against his toes. Robin immediately started giggling at the feel of it. He then began stroking the feather up and down his sole continuously. The soft tip did exactly what it supposed to do. It teased his soles making them cringe as it passed over them. Robin went from giggling to letting out short bursts of laughter. This was music to the sheriff’s ears. He stroked the feather in a circular formation. The tip was slightly damp from tickling his moist soles. The sheriff tickled the heel of his foot and then suddenly stroked along the instep. He then brushed it over the balls of his feet causing his toes to wiggle vigorously. Robin couldn’t stand the feel. Each stroke was torture to his feet.
The sheriff then stopped for a moment. Robin was relieved, but he did not know what his plans were. He reached out and grabbed Robin’s other foot. The fox began to panic at this stage. He began to pleading with the sheriff to stop, but he had his mind set on continuing. Nothing he could do or say could stop his fate. The sheriff pulled up Robin’s right foot and held both his ankles using one hand. Robin tried to wiggle at least one foot free, but the sheriff was quick enough to loosen his belt and bind both of his feet together by the ankles.

He then leaned forward and pulled off Robin’s right shoe. He then threw it aside with the other one.  He leaned forward once again and sniffed at the fresh scent of his sole once more. He looked towards the fox and smiled. “Not going to get away now fox!” he chuckled. He held his feet in position and continued to feather Robin’s soles. The poor fox was sent into fits of laughter once more. This time the sheriff watched as both his soles cringed when the feather tickled him. He loved the sight of the fox’s delicate soles in pure torment. He tickled the right sole and immediately moved the feather over to tickle the left sole. Robin laughed really hard and thrashed around beneath the large wolf.

The friar looked in horror as his only chance of being free, was being tickled senseless by the sheriff. The friar was ticklish himself and couldn’t bear the thought of a feather to his sole. He wouldn’t last very long having his feet tickled to that extent. The sheriff tickled the balls of Robin’s foot again, and swept the feather from left to right along both feet. He then tickled the soft flesh just beneath Robin’s toes. Robin had tears rolling down his cheeks from laughing so hard. The sheriff then turned the feather around and used the tip to scribble across his soles. Robin was in hysterics. He laughed very hard followed by loud screams, begging the Sherriff to stop. He splayed his toes in pure agony. The sheriff saw this as an opportunity, and began sawing the feather between them. Robin’s laughs turned into high pitch shrieks as the soft bristles of the feather tickled between his toes. He tried begging but he couldn’t even complete a single word properly. He tried gripping the feather with his toes but ended tickling himself over and over again.

The sheriff decided that it was time to change his tactics. He began to run his claws slowly across Robin’s feet. This new tactic caught robin off guard. The sharp tips gently danced across his soles. Robin began thrashing so hard that the sheriff had to use extra force to keep him pinned down to the floor. He then used his claws to tickle the sensitive flesh of his toes. He also went back to using the feather.
The sheriff alternated between his claws and the feather. He was even cruel enough to use both at once. The two sensations were too much for the fox to handle. His loud screams echoed through the dungeon. The other prisoners, along with the friar knew that they would face the same fate if not rescued soon. If Robin failed, all they could do was sit and wait their turn.

The sheriff liked using the feather on all of his victims. There was never an instance, where he found it to be ineffective. If he thought that it would not be enough, he used his claws as well. He was skilled at tickling feet. He tortured little kids who stole from the market, as well as strong knights and fellow guards who were guilty of any crime against the king. There was no choice in the matter, they were immediately locked in stocks, their shoes were removed, and they were punished for their crimes.

It had been nearly an hour and Robin was still being tickle tortured. The sheriff decided to discard the feather and began using his claws on both of the fox’s feet. He used all his fingers and scribbled lightly across both his soles. He then scraped at the flesh between the Robins toes. The fox began babbling sentences which could not be understood. The sheriff felt no sorrow and showed no mercy. He continued clawing and scribbling between his toes, keeping the fox in agony. They were sweaty so his fingers slid in an out with ease. He used one hand to hold his toes back while he tickled the instep again and again.

Robin was bordering madness. His mind did not have the ability to even think straight. The laughter was so loud, that it echoed through the dungeon himself. He just wanted the tickling to stop. The sheriff saw that Robin was nearly about to collapse because of the lack of air. He then ceased the tickling. Robin was such a mess at this stage. It took him a few seconds to realise that the tickling had stopped. He began to catch his breath fast, because he did not know what the sheriff had up his sleeve. The friar was also relieved that the sheriff had stopped because Robin was close to passing out. A worse case would be that the sheriff would tickle his feet immediately after.

Once Robin had caught his breath, he just lay still and completely drained. That was until he could feel a rush of warm air at his feet. The sheriff continued sniffing at his soles. He sniffed the right sole, and then the left. He sniffed at his instep and between his sweaty toes. The salty smell had put him into a trance. Robin giggled once more but was glad, that it was not intense as the feel of his claws. He began to try and figure out how to escape, until something broke his concentration. In one slow torturous movement, the sheriff dragged his tongue from the base of Robin’s heel, all the way to the tips of his toes. The fox immediately burst into fits of laughter once again. His large tongue dragged slowly across his soft, sensitive soles. The salty taste immediately spread to his mouth. As he was about to swallow the strong flavour, he swirled his tongue around his mouth to savour the taste, and with one big gulp swallowed.

His tongue licked the fox’s soles, and the balls of his feet. He licked the left foot and immediately moved on to the right foot. Even when Robin cringed the skin of his sole, the sheriff’s large tongue dragged across it, and straightened it again. His soles were now wet with the sheriff’s saliva. Robin chest hurt badly from laughing so much. He needed the tickling to stop before he ran out of breath, and passed out. The sheriff began at robins toes once more. The soft plump digits wiggled against his wet tongue. The slimy object soon spread his toes apart, and licked between them. Robin’s toes were more sensitive now that they were being licked. To make matters worse, the sheriff scribbled his claws on the sole of the other foot which was not being licked, while he sucked on his toes. Robin had already cracked a lot earlier in the interrogation. Besides babbling and screaming with laughter, he was drooling from the torment. Saliva leaked out from the sides of his mouth as he laughed.
The sheriff loved the taste of the fox’s toes. He proceeded by nibbling on his toes. He nibbled on the sensitive flesh around them and also used his sharp teeth to hold the fox’s toes from wiggling while he licked in-between them for the strong taste.

Nearly three hours had past and Robin was kept in torment for every second. He decided to stop his assault and arrange for the fox to be locked away in the dungeon once and for all. He dragged the weak Robin over to one of the prison cells where he would be kept for a long time. The cell door was locked, and he needed the keys to open it. As he turned around to get them, he caught a glimpse of Robin’s friend Little John. Within a few seconds he was knocked unconscious by the large bear, so that he could rescue Robin and the friar. They first needed to get revenge on the sheriff.
This is a short story that I was supposed to post up a long time ago. Its just to give you all something to read in the mean time while I work on the other requests I am doing. I hope you all enjoy.
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ShadowKnight334 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
......ok i thought this was something else turns out i like this story a lot
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This should be made into a comic.
DarkMatery Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I saw this once when I was not a fetisht. At that time I was scared.
Now I am one of them...and this one of the best.I recommend that you make similar things.^^
kenai-wolf Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LIttle john needs a interrogation too with more sniffing and licking :drool::star: , good story
Animefocused Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2010
OMG POOR ROBIN HOOD LOL It's so cute how ticlish he is! LOL WOLFYS GOT A FOOT FETISH! Even though I hate to be tickled, it's fun doing it to someone else LOL
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Nice story, can't wait to read about the friar getting it. Well I'd like to read also about the Sheriff's punishment.
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wow. i have never been so enticed into a foot tickling story... i dont even like feet tickling especially foot worship, but wow, this really was something else.. you might be turning me into a paw fanatic :S i cant wait for part 2!!!
footmaster Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2009
the sheriff was so lucky I love to lick robin hoods feet
ticklishwolfpup Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2009
aw i wanted to tickle robin too :(
ChaosGreiga Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2009  Hobbyist
I think the friar should have also gotten it, but it was an enjoyable story. Good job.
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