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April 4, 2010
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Fox vs. Wolf

The characters used in this story are copyrighted to their respective owners. I do not own any of them. This is just fan fiction based on the Star fox series. The story is copyrighted to farcry692003. Please do not post this up elsewhere without my permission.

After a major battle between the Star fox team and the Wolf team, Wolf had managed to capture Fox and his team. They were captured and taken as prisoners on his ship. The team fought as hard as they could to prevent themselves from being caught, but Wolf and his troops were too strong. They had been caught completely off guard which caused them to lose the battle.

The team was escorted by Wolf's troops to the confinement cells. Each member of the team was restrained and then locked away so that they could not attempt to escape or communicate. Hours after their capture, Wolf gathered with his troops in the interrogation room. He asked for Fox McCloud to be brought in for interrogation. The troop had left and moments later arrived with McCloud.

Wolf had instructed them to strap him down to the interrogation table. His arms and legs were secured. He had the troops strip him of any armor and remove his shirt before being secured to the table. His arms were secured tightly above his head and hin feet were strapped down to the edge of the table. Wolf had his troops place a muzzle around McClouds mouth. His head and waist were also strapped securely.

All Fox could see was the light above him. Once he was sure that fox was secured properly, he instructed the guards to leave the room so that he may proceed with the interrogation privately. Wolf was known for using techniques such as tickle torture. Fox was about to find out what Wolf had in store for him.

Fox was a tough person and could handle himself through tough battles, but he felt very fragile having himself exposed like this. With his arms strapped firm above his head, his torso was fully exposed to Wolf who would definitely take advantage of the situation. Wolf had obviously planned to do this since he had McClouds shirt removed just before he was strapped down.

Wolf moved his focus up to McClouds shirtless torso. He couldn't decide where he would like to begin. He could try and begin teasing his sensitive neck to get him started. He could then move down to both his sensitive armpits. Tickling one armpit would be enough to get him gasping for air; he couldn't wait to try both. His next choice would be Fox's chest and belly. He could use his claws and the feather simultaneously.

Once he was completed with that, he could finally move down to McClouds bare feet. That would be his well deserved reward. He couldn't wait to see his toes wiggle and splay as the soft tip of his feather glided across the arches of his foot.

Wolf placed a chair in front of the table and sat right by his rival's side. Although Fox's head was secured with a single strap to his forehead, he could see wolf seated by his side. Wolf removed his gloves one by one. He then placed them on the nearest table. He stretched out his fingers and cracked his knuckles. He then took his index finger and slowly ran it up Fox's left armpit. His finger lightly teased the sensitive skin of his armpit. Fox let out a soft giggle but tried to hide it from Wolf. He shut his eyes and tried to clear his mind.

Wolf began to tease his armpit with light touches once again, poking and prodding ever so lightly. Fox's muscles began to tense up, and he began twitching unnervingly. Wolf cherished how his victims tried to fight off the teasing. Fox had never known how sensitive and ticklish his armpits were. Wolf Poked at them and teased them for a few minutes before stopping once again..

"Enjoying yourself Mr. McCloud?"

Fox continued to giggle under his muzzled mouth and fight the torturous feeling. His eyes were shut tight and his body began to twitch more and more with each unexpected touch. His arms pulled at the restraints and he splayed his toes within his boots when Wolf hit a sensitive spot. Wolf then used his other hand and began to lightly poke at his sides.

All it took was one light touch, and Fox began to yelp under his muzzle. Wolf was playing with his victims mind. He poked at his sides for a moment then he moved back to his armpits. Fox had tears running down his eyes. This was beginning to become a lot more than he could handle. He never knew Wolf to be the type to torture his victims like this. It was not a violent form of torture but it seemed very effective.

Wolf was beginning to get the hang of keeping Mr. Mc Cloud under a state of agony. This was the most entertainment he had in quite some time. He used fingers and started to tickle both Fox's armpits simultaneously. Fox tried screaming through the muzzle to beg Wolf to stop, but he couldn't get his mouth open to let the words come out. He wished that Falco would barge in through the doors and save him from this agony. In all his training, nothing had prepared him to face anything like this.

It had been just over half an hour of Wolf poking and tickling his armpits and belly. Wolf had seen the fox giggle continuously under his muzzle. Although he wanted to hear Fox beg as he tortured him, he thought it would be better if he couldn't try to beg or negotiate. It would just add to the agonizing feeling by not being able to speak.

Wolf could not wait to start on McClouds feet. He placed his chair at the foott of his victim. Wolf had large grin across his face. He knew how helpless McCloud was. He wanted to make him suffer for being a major thorn in his side for so long. Before he rushed into things, he had a few methods to prepare Fox for the torture. He then stretched out his hands and cracked his knuckles.  

Fox knew what Wolf had in plan for him. He tried to kick his feet or yank them free from the thick ankle straps, but all his efforts were unsuccessful. Wolf began to get a hint of his rivals struggle. This was an indication of his victim's potential weakness. Fox had never been tickled on his feet for a prolonged period. When wolf tickled his armpits and belly, he could barely stand it. It horrified him to think about what it felt like to be tickled on his feet as well. It was worse knowing that he could do nothing about it but endure it till the session ended.

Wolf began to roll up the cuffs of Fox's pants. He rolled them up just below his knees. His soft orange fur was now exposed. Wolf did the same with the other leg. He then ran his hands across the soft fur on Fox's leg. This sent a chill through Fox's body and made him shudder. Wolf then began to unfasten the clasp on foxes left boot. He held his foot firmly as he did so. Once the clasps and straps on McClouds boot were unfastened, Wolf pulled off his boot with one firm yank.

Wolf was now faced with Fox's large socked foot. It took a few seconds before the warm musty smell from his socks filled his nose. Fox's socks had the smell of sweat, mixed with the leather interior of his boots. The smell was not strong enough to make Wolf gag, but light enough for him to enjoy it. It was a warm salty and sweaty smell.

Wolf kept Fox's boot aside and unfastened the clasps of his right boot. Once again, with one firm yank, he managed to pull it off McClouds foot. Fox was very worried at this point in time. Wolf was only a thin woolen layer from tormenting his bare feet. Wolf in turn, looked at the worried look on Fox's face and smiled. He couldn't wait to get started, but in doing so, he wanted to take his time and prolong the agony of his victim.

Wolf leaned forward and placed both his hands on Fox's right foot. Fox yelped as his hands made contact. Wolf began feeling McClouds foot with both his hands. His fingers felt the damp sweat spots at Fox's toe region. The sweat made his sock cling tightly to his toes. Wolf began feeling them in a massaging motion, exploring his entire foot.

His thumbs massaged McClouds sole. They pressed firmly at his instep and rubbed against them. Fox somewhat enjoyed the treatment he was receiving from Wolf. He found it odd that Wolf would take off his boots just to massage his feet. He wondered what he had in mind. All of a sudden Wolf placed his hands on fox's other foot. He began to massaging it as well through the damp sweaty sock. Fox wiggled his toes in delight. He was being sent into a state of deep relaxation. Wolf alternated between his feet, massaging and pampering them. Fox lay back and enjoyed the treatment. All of a sudden, wolf stopped the massaging.

Fox felt Wolf's hands grab the cuffs of his left sock. His fingers fiddled for a while and then began to peel off the sock from his left foot. Wolf peeled it off slowly. He watched it peel off his moist foot, then up his soles and toes. Fox's foot was now bare. The smell was a bit more intense with his sock now off. Wolf began peeling off the other sock. It slipped off in a similar manner exposing his other foot. With that being done, Wolf threw them aside and began contemplating on what to do.

Fox's soles were just inches away from Wolf's grasp. McCloud felt very uncomfortable and defenseless. He saw Wolf's hands reach out to touch his feet. He tried to block his sole with his other foot, but it just left one of his soles exposed to wolf. A bead of sweat dripped down his brow in nervousness. He clenched his eyes shut trying to drown out the situation he was in. Wolf, once again placed his hands on each of McClouds bare feet. His thumbs ran across Fox's soles bringing a light giggle to him. His thumbs began to press against his soles and massage them in a circular motion.

Fox's soles were a bit sweaty, so Wolf's large thumbs slid across his sensitive sole with ease. As he rubbed his thumbs against his rivals smooth soles, Fox's skin cringed causing them to crease. Fox loved the feeling of his feet being massaged, but his feet were very sensitive since he had been in his boots all day. A gentle touch would make him giggle. He also realized that with each moment wolf continued to work on his soles, they became more sensitive to his touch. He now realized that wolf was preparing him to face a much more agonizing interrogation than he had expected.

Wolf continued along massaging Fox's soles. His hands now had the scent of his rival's feet. He had always had a thing for feet. He liked to interrogate his prisoners by tickling their feet or putting them through torture involving their feet. His crew never really thought that he had this secret desire for feet. They just enjoyed how the victims suffered under interrogation. Wolf had plenty time to indulge in McClouds feet. Not only was Fox captured, so was the rest of his crew. There was no one else to save Fox from the torture he was about to endure. As Wolf fondled McClouds soles, he thought about who he would interrogate next. Would it be Crystal? Would it be Falco? Or would it be any other members from McClouds team.

Wolf decided to just concentrate on his current victim for now. He had plenty of time to decide what to do next. He began to massage Fox's sole at a more rapid rate. Fox began to giggle even more since the blunt claws from his fingers occasionally scraped across his soles.

Fox's soles were nearly ready for the interrogation. Wolf had admired how much warmer they had gotten after the massage. The sensitive skin on his sole had become slightly pink since they were massaged for about fifteen minutes. Wolf decided that it was time to stop with the massage and pampering. He took his hands off the giggling Fox's feet and placed the palms of his hands against his face. He began to inhale deep at the sweaty scent which Fox's feet had left on his palms. He shuddered in delight. Fox lay still twitching his toes after the intense massage. Wolf decided to test his sensitivity. He gently poked a few across both of McClouds soles with his index fingers. Fox yelped loudly as each finger made contact.

Perfect! Thought Wolf to himself.

Fox saw the large toothy grin across his face. He knew that Wolf was ready to begin. He began to thrash around wildly, mumbling under his muzzle. Wolf could recognize that Fox was begging him not to go ahead. Wolf grinned and reached into his pocket. After digging around, he pulled out an item. He decided to lift it up an show Mr McCloud what it was. It was a large feather. From the looks of it, it was a blue feather from his team mate, Falco. Wolf twirled it in his finger for a few seconds, and with a large grin, began to lower it to Fox's right bare sole. Fox tried to shield his foot by covering his right foot with his left before it hit, but it was no use. It had already made contact.

In an instant Fox began to giggle under his muzzle. The giggles were much more intense than before. Wolf twirled and brushed the feather up and down his naked soles. Fox's feet swayed around trying to avoid the tip of it, but nothing could escape it. Fox giggled and yelped with each stroke. He cringed his soles and splayed his toes in agony. Wolf moved from his right foot and began tickling his other foot. Fox's giggles had now turned into fits of laughter. He screamed under the muzzle for Wolf to stop, but he continued to stroke the feather across his soles, alternating between the right and the left every few seconds.

If there was a moment of pure agony, McCloud was in it right now. He tried begging and screaming, but the muzzle around his mouth was secured tightly. His eyes were tightly shut as he continued laughing over and over again. Wolf moved the feather from his arches and decided to tickle the balls of his feet. He circled the feather carefully around them. The feeling was a bit more intense in this region. It caused him to splay his toes as the torturous tip did its deed. He tickled the right foot, and then suddenly changed to the left. Wolf was playing with McClouds mind and sanity. Tears rolled down his eyes.

Wolf kneeled in closer as he continued tickling Mr. McCloud. He was close enough to get a whiff of Fox's tormented feet. As he wiggled his toes, the salty smell became more intense. Wolf enjoyed the sound of muffled laughter, the tormented feet and the smell. He could just imagine the taste Fox's soles.

Wolf began to wave the feather more vigorously. Fox's toes moved with the fast pace of the feather. As he splayed his toes, Wolf quickly moved the feather to tickle between them. He sawed the feather across the each of his toe crotches. Fox tried to pinch the feather away to try and provide some relief but Wolf ended up spreading the poor fox's toes with his fingers to tickle between them. To teach him a lesson, he tickled between his toes for twice the time he intended to do so. Fox couldn't stop Wolf's fingers from worming their way between his toes. They were sweaty enough for them to slide right through. Wolf made things worse by taunting Fox with silly statements such as "Cootchy coo" or asking him if he was enjoying himself, knowing that he couldn't answer.

His toes couldn't handle more tickling. His eyes were bulging from the agony. He struggled to get in a good breath of air to his lungs. The muzzle didn't help things any better. He wished that someone would come in and stop this agonizing torture from continuing. He didn't know how much longer it would take Wolf to stop. He wished that he could pass out to stop the agony but Wolf knew how to keep him conscious the entire time.

Wolf did this by tickling his toes vigorously and then moving to a slightly less ticklish spot so that Fox could catch his breath. He tickled between his toes and then moved the feather to tickle the soft flesh between. He then changed and tickled the balls of his foot, then moved back to the arches. Fox was kept on the edge of insanity the entire time. Wolf became tired of McCloud thrashing his foot around, and his toes trying to grip the feather. He decided to use his left hand and hold McClouds toes back. He held them back as far as he could so that foxes sole could not cringe or crease. He deviously began to tickle the arch of his feet. Fox never knew that the tickling could get any worse but Wolf found a way to make it happen. Fox screamed and drooled through his muzzle. More and more tears flowed freely down his eyes. His foot couldn't escape the torture or wiggle free from it now. Its devious tip dragged continuously across his instep while his toes were held back. Wolf alternated between both feet so that neither of his soles could get relief. He felt McClouds toes try to push his palm away from holding them back but the tickling made them weak so he couldn't do so.

It has been nearly an hour of tickling McClouds feet. Fox was really strong to last so long under the feather. Wolf didn't expect this to happen at all. He thought that McCloud would have passed out by now. He decided to change his strategy to see how much his rival could endure. As he thought about a strategy, he alternated from tickling his feet and then tickled his armpits. He used the feather at first and then scraped his blunt claws across Fox. He then tickled Fox's belly and chest. He then moved back to his feet which he felt most ticklish on.

It would be sheer moments before McCloud could pass out. Wolf wanted to try something while Fox was conscious. He sat back on the chair and ceased all tickling. Fox still giggled moments after he had stopped. He then began to catch his breath. He saw Wolf lean down and expected the feather to strike again. But instead he felt a warm slimy object drag up his sole sending him into laughter once again. All his thoughts were confirmed when he moved his head forward to see Wolf's tongue lapping at his soles. Wolf held Fox's toes back once again and began licking his soft soles. The salty taste from McClouds feet had spread across Wolf's tongue. Wolf enjoyed the taste and licked his soles more and more. The fur on Fox's face was wet with tears and his eyes bulged even more. Each lick from Wolf made his soles more sensitive. Wolf licked the right foot and then the left. No part of his foot was safe anymore. Wolf licked around McClouds heels tasting every salty inch of his foot. He licked the sides of his feet and went back to licking up and down the soles. He began to now lick the balls of Fox's feet. His screams turned slowly into shrieks. The other team members in the cells outside the interrogation room could hear the muffled screams of their leader. They shuddered in fear of what could be happening.

Wolf sucked around the balls and then moved on to his toes. His tongue licked across Fox's salty toes. His tongue managed to push them back to endure the lick. Wolf licked again to splay his toes. When Fox's toes were splayed, he slid his tongue between them to taste between them. The taste was much more intense there. He slid his tongue between all his toes. Fox tried to pinch his tongue like he did with the feather but his toes slid off easily. Wolf then licked between the toes of his other foot. He kept Fox in an endless loop of agony as he alternated between each foot.

Fox's feet were now coated in Wolf's saliva. Wolf still licked on and on. He began to nibble on fox's toes at this point. His teeth gripped his toes when they were splayed and his tongue licked between once again. Fox was now very weak. He began to struggle to keep his breath.

Drool had leaked down his mouth and his face was wet with tears. It was just a few moments later till the room became silent. After over two hours of intense torture, fox had passed out. Wolf had just finished licking his toes and decided to stop. He got up and wiped his mouth by running the back of his hand across his lips. He radioed the troops to come and take McCloud back to his cell and restrain him. The day was still early and he still had more victims to interrogate. He just needed a few minutes to relax before he called for the next victim.
Hi Everyone.

I know I have not been very active. Many people have asked for requests but due to work, I have not managed to complete most. I am still working on them and will inform you when its done. This is a commission I have done for someone who would like to remain unnamed.

I had removed the adlut parts from this upload by request of the person who commissioned it. This is a more general story. I was supposed to enter it in the tickle competition but was too busy to finish it on time.

This is a short story involving StarFox and StarWolf from the starfox series.

Enjoy Everyone!
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